todays horoscopes


October 5, 2022

The week ahead aims to mend our hearts and relax our minds. todays horoscopes Mars in Gemini squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces on October 12, allowing exhaustion, paranoia, and emotions to heighten. Mercury in Libra and Jupiter retrograde in Aries oppose each other for the third time this year on October 12 (the other two times were September 2 and 18). Venus in Libra harmonizes with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius on October 14, adding stability in romance and financial matters. A few days later, on the 18th, Mars strengthens Venus’s lust for passion. The Libra sun gets a push from Mars to embrace confidence, under October 17’s Last Quarter Moon in Cancer which is asking us to heal.


todays horoscopes

The Last Quarter Moon is a great time to do some shadow work. This means that you are embracing the parts of yourself that are hidden from the world. Journaling, all of the emotions that you have, even the darker ones, will aid in understanding the parts of yourself, which are repressed. Instead of hiding them, give them some love and illumination by honoring them, and not ignoring those parts within your heart.


todays horoscopes

A new professional opportunity is on the table. The caveat is that you can’t take it at the moment, which is why you are dwelling at the loss of what could’ve been. Chin up, Aries! There are many other jobs that are going to come your way in the future.


todays horoscopes

Your heart isn’t aligned with some of the projects that you have been working on, making it hard to motivate yourself to focus. The silver lining is that a creative job is coming at the end of the week, which will require you to use your innate talents and artistry.


Issues at home may consume your mind—even causing you to focus on personal matters when you’re supposed to be concentrating on work. Relax your mind when you have time to decompress to give yourself a moment to accomplish the professional goals you’re undertaking and to start healing your personal problems.


A joke or prank could go a little too far which is why it’s best to call a truce with others to avoid matters from reaching a heightened point that creates a massive amount of turbulence in your life (or vice versa). Be smart. Don’t let a game affect you.


You’re longing for fun, excitement, and adventure at this moment in time—which is why you should go on a mini vacation over the weekend to celebrate the autumnal vibe. Enjoy the foliage goal  time that you’re connecting to nature. The girl is to have a stress free time with yourself.


It’s time to get your finances in order. Once you carefully assess how much money is coming in and out of your bank account every month, you’ll feel confident commiting to a bigger scale payment for a car, home, or something that can evolve your lifestyle to a higher level.


Stop taking life so seriously and allow yourself to laugh a little. It’s important to enjoy the wonders of life and to be present in order to savor every aspect and moment. Instead of looking at the past and dreaming of the future, allow yourself to be here with others.


You’re known for your courage and today you finally have incentive to stand up for yourself. Even if you don’t vocalize your needs, you’re beginning to realize that you must assert yourself in order to have them met and stand your ground. If not, then people will walk all over you.


You’re looking for a professional networking group to help bring you a new gig. Ask around the office for suggestions or connect with old colleagues. A coworker may hold the key to introducing you to a cool meetup which could lead to a prosperous job that aligns with your aspirations.


It’s a rarity for you to overshare your aspirations with others, which is why you should stick to not letting others know every plan and goal you have. Opening up to the wrong person could backfire. They may copy your ideas, which will frustrate you. Remember, loose lips sink ships.


You are finding your inner voice this week due to the fact that you’re finally allowing yourself to break out of situations that aren’t working in your best interest. Like a bird set free, you’re doing what you want and exploring things for yourself with an open mind and heart.


This week calls for you to get out in the world. RSVP “YES” whenever you can to engage with others, be social, and experience new things. After all, you have been cooped up for too long and need to embrace your freedom. In true Pisces sentimentality, you need more autonomy.

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