The Fifty Years Of The Sunglass Hut

January 24, 2022

The Fifty Years Of The Sunglass Hut

It is vital to have a steady supply of power when making it in a crowded market. And for Sunglass Hut, which reached its 50th anniversary this year, its longevity shows that sunglasses have an unending influence and power that keep customers returning.

In this video, Giorgio Pradi, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sunglass Hut North America, talks with Fairchild Studio about the company’s milestone anniversary, special new product launches, and the next events planned in the coming holiday season and beyond.

Fairchild Studio: Sunglass Hut is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What has changed about the brand through the years?

Giorgio Perradi In 1971our initial Sunglass Hut was just a tiny kiosk located in the Miami Mall, but that business grew with the family and developed to become a global company that has more than 3,000 locations around the world. Our rapid growth is due to a combination of our large range of premium products, excellent services to customers, as well as a dependable Omnichannel Experience.

Sunglass Hut offers an unparalleled assortment of sunglasses that are designer, exclusives, and unique collaborations. The collections are brought into our retail stores by making use of our latest technology like Smart Shopper. The self-shopping screen is positioned on the wall of stores and allows for unlimited aisles for shoppers to browse as well as discovery and purchasing. By combining a memorable physical experience with online shopping it gives consumers greater choices.

In the last half century, Sunglass Hut has adapted to changing trends and customer demands. We attribute a lot of our success to our associates the Sunglass Hut’s most valuable asset. They’re our first impression and the most genuine influencers, and reliable brand ambassadors. Our customers return due to the fact that our staff members are highly trained and know-how about our products and brands. They are also enthusiastic and energetic, which is a perfect representation the spirit of Sunglass Hut.

Fairchild Studio: What did Sunglass Hut mark its landmark?

G.P. : To celebrate as well the present and future we launched a unique 50th anniversary summer campaign titled “Don’t Stop The Feeling.” Sunglass Hut marked the beginning of summer by launching the airing of a commercial on television that showcased our limited-edition items to the beat of a unique music track.

We kept the energy lively and cheerful with our schedule of customized influencer mailings, a social media dance contest and roller-skating-themed pop-ups in New York City and Los Angeles. We also returned to its roots with Miami Beach’s Mayor Miami Beach proclaiming August 13th “Sunglass Hut Day.”

Fairchild Studio: What are these exclusive items Sunglass Hut launched this year?

G.P. : Sunglass Hut rolled out six unique 50th anniversary frames made by various brands that include Versace, Ray-Ban, Oakley and Prada. Every frame was made to capture the look and spirit of a particular decade, giving anyone with a way to express their personal style. A lot of these frames featured an Sunglass Hut 50th logo on the temple’s inside, and orange shades were in line with the anniversary celebration.

Fairchild Studio: What are we likely to find at Sunglass Hut in the Christmas season?

G.P. : Sunglass Hut is ready to help customers navigate our carefully selected selections to find the perfect present. No matter what it is for friends or family members or even a treat for yourself we have gifts you will cherish and use all year round.

We are very excited to unveil our new eight Sunglass Hut holiday exclusive sunglasses which range from classic to fashionable to sportsy. Anyone looking for a present for someone who has everything can discover it in any of our shops or on Our online experience is packed with unique products and experiences , including the brand-new Ray-Ban Stories, the first generation of smart glasses wearers will truly enjoy wearing, and the option to customise a pair glasses with Smart Shopper.


Established in 1971 as a kiosk that was a small part of the Miami shopping mall Sunglass Hut has grown to become the most sought-after location for the highest-quality, sought-after designer and performance sunglass brands. With over three thousand retail outlets, Sunglass Hut Sunglass Hut is located in trendy shopping areas all over the world. Starting from the Americas, Europe and the Middle East to Australia, South Africa, China and Southeast Asia and beyond, Sunglass Hut provides consumers with an enjoyable, extremely engaging shopping experience both in-store and on the internet on

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