Mike Majlak Congratulates Ex-Girlfriend Lana Rhoades

Mike Majlak Congratulates Ex-Girlfriend Lana Rhoades On Delivering A Healthy Baby On The Impaulsive Podcast

February 18, 2022

Mike Majlak Congratulates Ex-Girlfriend Lana Rhoades On Delivering A Healthy Baby On The Impaulsive Podcast

We all are aware we all know that Mike Majlak is very close with his Impaulsive podcast friends. He also loves to chat about Lana Rhoades on the podcast which is also his ex-girlfriend. We all know it, Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades were in a relationship for a brief time. They barely had a relationship for more than a year, and then separated in good terms. In the course of just one year of their marriage, they went through numerous breaks. Some of them were extremely ugly. Mike Majlak also posted an emotional video in which he explains the reasons why he isn’t in a relationship with Lana Rhoades.

Then, a few days later , after watching the video was released, Mike apologized publicly to Lana as they were out to eat dinner. A fan then was asking Mike via social media whether he had posted the video of their breakup to make money and gain views and money, he said yes. It was truly shocking and surprising. The reason for this was that Lana Rhoades aka Amara Maple was attracted to Mike who wanted to create a the chance to have a relationship with Mike. However, Mike was not interested in that since Mike still believes there’s a lot of things to discover. Short story, the couple finished their relationship with a positive note. The couple was enjoying a great time. Mike was out drinking along with his FaZe Banks family. Lana Rhoades, on the other hand, was all with Blake Griffin. She was once on The BFFs Podcast while she was drinking. In addition, Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards caused her to spill all the details of her recent crush. This was at the time the NBA superstar.

Mike Majlak Is Happy For Lana Rhoades And Her Baby Boy

In the past, Lana Rhoades delivered a stunning infant boy named Milo. and Mike Majlak congratulated her during the latest episode of Impaulsive.

“Not only was I turning 37 but also our best pal Lana Rhoades or Amara Maple on the channel, was blessed with a son. I’ve been spending the last 8 months telling people that I am not a mother.it’s not me or my children.

I was aware that it’s likely look slightly different from how I do. Let’s let it be that way.”

That’s it. Mike is crystal explicit that that he’s not any way the baby’s daddy. The baby is totally different to his. Furthermore, Mike also talked about the fact that certain TikTokers have started calling him baby daddy and threatening the tiny baby boy.

“He was as pure as snow as a macadamia nut. Then I’m driven back into the fold. The children on TikTok may be similar to Mike Majlak’s son and he’s likely to be bullied in high school. They’re all making videos over again..”

“Let me tell you something, if they knew who that kid’s dad was, that kid ain’t getting bullied .”

Well, it’s a good thing! Many people believe that the baby’s dad could be Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant. It’s up to Lana whether she would like to tell the story of her baby’s daddy.

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