What is Megnut

June 26, 2022


Megnut is the individual site of Meg Hourihan. Begun in 1999 as a universally handy blog, its engaged exchanged completely to food in May, 2006. In 2008 it got back to being a general blog, for the most part about my life in New York City bringing up my two children, with some tech tossed in, and food contemplations just in case. A few times I discussed different things like travel. Refreshes dialed waaaay back, and around 2013, halted altogether until September, 2018.

I’m (was?) a web business person and helped to establish Pyra Labs, the organization that made Blogger. Pyra was procured by Google in 2003. I additionally helped to establish Kinja, an early news accumulation site. I was the establishing consultant to Serious Eats, 2010 beneficiary of the James Beard Foundation’s Best Food Blog grant. I composed a book about publishing content to a blog, and used to talk often at innovation gatherings.

Starting around 2014 I’ve served on the Board of Trustees for the Mad River Glen Cooperative ski region and just finished two terms as its leader and filled in as Interim General Manager during the 2016-17 ski season. I’m at present filling in as financier. I have some new business thoughts percolating, however generally my days are enjoyed with my misinforming youngsters.

I’m new, what’s happening here?
You might review online journals from the nineties and early aughts, when they were only an assortment of an individual’s contemplations and connections to stuff, before websites became effective, loaded with promotions, and afterward outdated. This website has been online since May, 1999 with updates of fluctuating recurrence. Furthermore, I’m bringing it back.
Why in the world could you do that?! Shouldn’t something be said about every one of the critics, savages, and bots online nowadays?
Great inquiry. I don’t have any idea, naivete? I miss having my own space to compose and share my considerations. I would rather not compose on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter are too restricted in their arrangement. I used to truly like publishing content to a blog and I need to try it out once more.

No doubt, why’d you just thoroughly quit refreshing your site for like, 10 years?
Somewhat on the grounds that I could have done without the publishing content to a blog framework I was utilizing. And afterward I had two children, and I would have rather not expounded on them, and since I was remaining at home with them, it didn’t allow for composing.

So the thing would you say you will expound on?
No certifications except for all things being equal: books I like, food I’ve eaten, photographs and places I’ve been, things I figure you ought to be aware, considerations I have had, you know, conventional solipsistic blog stuff.

What’s the best thing that happened to you beginning around 2013 (your last updates) that perusers could need to be aware of?
I moved out of New York City! Until I was truly gone, I didn’t understand how completely hopeless I’d been living in NY. I thought it, I mean, I knew, however not the profundities of it. I’m simply not a city individual, but rather it required me a long investment to perceive that reality and take care of business.

Likewise a little holler to my children, who in the beyond five years have changed from little wards to very independent youngsters who all the while give me unadulterated pleasure and profound disappointment.

Likewise we got a canine. I’m not a canine individual but rather I’m attempting. At times I post photographs of him on Instagram.

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