Have You Heard of Toe-Thumbs? Megan Fox Has Them

June 6, 2022


Are you self conscious about your hands or feet? NBC news took a look at an odd topic: megan fox thumb, which apparently look like big toes. The unusual trait is actually pretty common, and a reminder that beautiful, creative people have odd-looking digits–and that’s OK!
She’s newly married and landing major film roles, but the latest buzz on Megan Fox is her … thumbs! NBC News’ body/health blog The Body Odd featured a post on Megan’s unusual thumbs.

“Her thumbs look like two big toes,” NBC’s Melissa Dahl writes. “The scientific name for stump thumb is Brachydactyly type D, but the condition is also called club thumb, stub thumb, fat thumb, potter’s thumb and toe thumb. It’s also known as ‘murderer’s thumb,’ a moniker once used by gypsy fortune tellers.”

It’s not so unusual, though. Up to 4 percent of the population is estimated to have stubby thumbs. But Fox is reportedly sensitive about her digits: “In a Motorola ad that aired during the Super Bowl this year,” the article goes on to say, “she’s said to have used a thumb double.”

I think this is a good reminder that we’re all a little different, and that’s cool! My second toe is longer than my big toe, and I used to be soooooo embarrassed about it, until a friend who had orthopedic issues as a child called me out on it: “You know how much I’d give to have feet that work properly and don’t hurt? I’d give anything to trade feet with you!” she said. It put everything in perspective. We’re just too critical of ourselves.

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