Logan Paul Is Being Called A ‘Colonizer’ By Puerto Ricans

Logan Paul Is Being Called A ‘Colonizer’ By Puerto Ricans

February 19, 2022

Logan Paul Is Being Called A ‘Colonizer’ By Puerto Ricans

in the year 2000, Logan Paul moved to Puerto Rico and people were unhappy with the move. Even though he’s been among YouTubers who are most hated but his move only made matters worse. According to locals, he’s the kind of colonizer who would like to avoid paying taxes. This is one of the reasons the YouTuber has decided to switch his location. Recently, the residents from Puerto Rico once again labelled the YouTuber a colonizer, and many support the notion.

In the year 2000, Logan Paul announced his move to Puerto Rico.

After growing a following through Vine, Jake and Logan Paul began their journey on YouTube. While they gained fame in record time but not everything was positive. In the year 2018, the elder Paul brother was criticized for posting footage of a body that was found dead in the Japanese Aokigahara forests. Last year, the Paul brothers announced that they would move into Puerto Rico. In a conversation about it, Logan Paul said:

“I believed it was more third-world than I thought. So I set out to look it up and immediately fell in the love with it. Naturally, I’m impulsive and I believe in my gut intuition. I’m feeling like it’s the close of a chapter as well as the beginning of a completely new chapter.”

In the same way, his brother Jake Paul announced that he was making the move to Florida.

While the move itself is not the main issue, the motivations for it caused people to be angry.

Although his decision isn’t the problem, Logan Paul decided to relocate into Puerto Rico to avoid taxes. On the show ImPaulsive in which he explained the reasons he’s moving out of LA. He stated:

“The streets are not fixed, homeless people everywhere, a dearth of employment, Covid not handled.”

In the Puerto Rican Incentives Code, the foreigners are allowed to reside in the country for a period of six months and do not have to pay tax on their income as the natives do. This law lets wealthy Americans have a luxurious lifestyle throughout the year. This is why Logan Paul moving there made many locals unhappy.

Recently, Logan Paul was labelled as a colonizer by locals, and the majority of people agree.

In social networks, a photo depicting Logan Paul is making rounds. Locals in Puerto Rico have put up posters of the host, ImPaulsive, which states that this is the way colonizers appear. Since the photo was shared, many have been posting their opinions on the subject and a majority people are in agreement. One person said:

Because he’s. There’s a massive housing shortage in the island for indigenous people due to people like him

Another person was in agreement about Logan Paul being a colonizer and stated:

He certainly is an enclave, Puerto Rico is going through an extremely bad time of gentrification, poverty and so on. and it is all due to the colonization process and the white gringos that believe the island is theirs. PUERTO RICO ES DE LOS PUERTORRIQUENOS #GRINGOGOHOME

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