June 10, 2022


lighthouse map are depended upon by sailors!  — and loved by tourists for their often quaint and unusual shapes.

Lighthouses are structures that project bright signal lights.  These unique buildings, which are often tower-like, have a sole purpose:  to protect sailers and their vessels.  Lighthouses have been built since ancient times to provide illumination to alert sailors navigating in boats to avoid dangerous shorelines.  These treacherous areas might include rocks or reefs or shoals, or other geographic features dangerous to boats and ships as they move along a coastline or enter a harbor. lighthouse map

The earliest lighthouses used mirrors to reflect light from fires that burned in a furnace.   In the past, they required a “keeper” who would be sure the lights were maintained.  The keepers of the lighthouses would live in the structure, often a lonely and isolated job.  Today most lighthouses do not have a staff and are electronically run.

Lighthouses around the world have been designed in all shapes and sizes, depending on location and the needs of the area where they were built.   Some lighthouses are built on land, others sit directly in the water.  Not all lighthouses are in or around oceans and seas.  For instance, there are many lighthouse in the Great Lakes of the United States, all in fresh water. lighthouse map

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