Lahore Galaxy Residencia

Lahore Galaxy Residencia

October 23, 2022

Lahore is among the most gorgeous and historic cities in Pakistan however, it’s growing rapidly.

The rapid growth of the population has resulted in a deficiency of housing. This makes finding a reasonable housing option very difficult.

Lahore Galaxy Residencia is a plan to address this issue by offering high-end affordable housing near the city center of Lahore.

It is a housing association which is being built in collaboration with Galaxy as well as MYO developers. The site is Kala Shah Kaku Eastern Bypass, Lahore. it will also include the country’s 1st Tech Park.

They are planning to develop the country’s 1st LED Forest which will enhance Lahore’s beauty. The principal Boulevard and the extensive road network is unrivalled by any other project within the city.

Additionally, they are creating the State of Art Hospital, Superior School & College, as well as a Family Park. The total land acquired by the developers is 100 acres of which they are negotiating plots of 25 acres of land to be used for Phase 1.

The developers are certain that by providing top-quality living spaces at a reasonable cost, they can successfully solve the housing problems in Lahore.

They have committed to delivering the first phase within one year of the its launch.

Below, we’ve briefly explained the location, the installment plan, project plan and the facilities that the project will be equipped with.

Lahore Galaxy Residencia Location

The location is the most crucial aspect when seeking to purchase an area of land for a new home or to invest in. The place at Galaxy Residencia is truly distinctive and unique.

Around 30-40 minutes from any area of an urban area, this housing project is a great option for those who are looking to invest in real estate so that they can easily commute to work as well as to the city’s central area. It will be linked to the areas in which the majority of people live.

It is located on the Eastern Bypass Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore. This is a crucial spot because it provides direct access to the M2, M11 Motorway, and Lahore Ring Road.

It is accessible to any type of transportation, such as bicycles, cars, CNG, and public transportation. Access for metro bus services like the NHW as well as the Metro bus service is simple.

Kala Shah Kaku is a key point for trade on CPEC routes, and is within the area city of River Ravi City. Lahore Galaxy is going to gain a lot from this massive development that will benefit not only the locals but also foreign investors can see a chance for their investment into the real estate market, as it’s going to be a massive success.

Located at Kala Shah Kaku Interchange.

  • 3 Minutes Drive from M11-Sialkot Motorway.
  • 3 minutes drive from M2-Islamabad Motorway.
  • 3 minutes drive from universities such as UET, UHS, and GCU.
  • 15 minutes drive to Allama Iqbal International Airport.
  • Adjacent to GT-Road Near Kala Shah Kaku Interchange.
  • Adjacent to Lahore Smart City.
  • Opposite River Ravi City.
  • Other nearby Housing Societies comprise Sa Garden, Basit Town, Iqbal Garden, Al Kabir Orchard, Green Valley along with Capital City.
  • 20-Minutes Drive by Data Darbar, Lorry Adda along with Azadi Chowk.

Lahore Galaxy Residencia Payment Plan 2022

Lahore is a fast-growing city, so it’s vital to start investing in real estate now to make sure you will have a home to stay.

Prices for homes are increasing quickly and it’s crucial to buy earlier instead of later. If you put off buying it could be a long time before you are financially able to buy a home in the city that you are in love with.


This property venture is an excellent investment. You will not only get an exquisite property in a growing community, but you’ll be investing in the future of Pakistan. The housing society will have the latest technology park, LED forest, and a superior schools and colleges, making it the ideal place for you and your family.

Prices are as follows However, they are subject to change at any time. Contact the sales representative via the contact numbers below to inquire about the latest prices.

Plot Size Area in Sq Yards Total Price Booking Confirmation within 60 days 30 Monthly Installments 6 Half Yearly Installments At Balloting
3-Marla 75 1,500,000 225,000 120,000 20,000 75,000 105,000
5-Marla 125 2,300,000 345,000 184,000 30,667 115,000 161,000

Residential Plots Installment Plan 2 022

Commercial Plots Updated Payment Plan 2022

Plot Size Area in Sq Yards Total Price Booking Confirmation within 60 days 30 Monthly Installments 6 Half Yearly Installments At Balloting
5-Marla 125 9,500,000 1,425,000 760,000 126,667 475,000 665,000
8-Marla 200 16,000,000 2,400,000 1,280,000 213,333 800,000 1,120,000

Developers of Lahore Galaxy Residencia

MYO along with Galaxy developers will create a better society. The company behind this project is the same one that is behind a Superior Group that includes colleges as well as Tameer Pakistan.

We are all familiar with about the Superior Group for its successful initiatives in media, education as well as healthcare. But did you realize that it’s expanded into real property?

The company is among the largest conglomerates in Pakistan, with branches in a variety of industries , from technological solutions to the development of entrepreneurship.

Residential Venture:

Galaxy Residencia Housing Society Lahore will become their very first residential venture.

They are a national group that seeks to meet the community’s needs in the areas of housing, and other related assistance.

With decades of experience in all kinds of construction, they’re experts in building luxurious homes. If you’re looking to invest in a home to protect you for the long-term, this home is the place. You’ll have the opportunity to live in a modest cost while having the luxury of a lifetime.

They aim to be world-class developers. Their mission is to be innovative with quality, leadership, value and a management skillset which will allow them to succeed in the near future to continue to grow to become one of Pakistan’s most prestigious cities.

Features and Facilities Galaxy Residencia Lahore Going to Have

A vision that allows you to live your life the way you’ve always dreamed of. It’s the perfect blend of technology, beauty Nature, practicality and luxury. It also offers safety and security within one housing community.

Below we’ve mentioned some of the facilities, features and amenities that this project will offer.

Surrounded by Forest

Lahore Galaxy is also known for its green space all around the housing society that will assist in eliminating heat island effects as well as providing each home breath of fresh air.

Every home is enveloped by greenery.

Tech Avenue & LED Forest

The technological avenue is expected to be a state of the modern IT infrastructure. This will allow people and businesses can create their offices and business.

It’s the first LED-lit forest in Lahore that will provide a new alternative for people who enjoy being outdoors and having amusement.

Gated Community

This is a gated community and is equipped with all sorts of top-of-the-line security measures in place, including:

Landscape Based Security System.

CCTV Cameras as per NSC requirements.

Barbed Wire Fencing that has auto sliding gates and top quality security personnel.

World-class technology

  • This housing society was designed by following principles:
  • Main Boulevard and the extensive road network.
  • Tameer Smart Homes & Villas.
  • State of the Art Mosque.
  • State of the Art Hospital.
  • Superior School & College.
  • Family Park.
  • State of the art roads.
  • Smart Access Card Entry System at all Entry/Exit Points, Homes, Schools/Colleges, and Community Club.
  • 24/7 Power Back-up.
  • Ultra-Modern Community Club
  • 24/7 Facility management via Mobile-App
  • Underground drainage system.
  • Kanal Water Supply System.
  • Electricity & Gas facilities are offered in every home.
  • Internet on Things (IoT).
  • Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Gymnasium, Children Play Area, 24/7 Security, and Sufficient Car Parking.
  • In every housing community there will be a place for everyday needs that includes healthier options for eating, such as supermarkets, juice bars, gourmet stores and bakeries.

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