Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea | Things You Need To Know

February 9, 2022

Kung Fu Tea | Things You Need To Know

Kung Fu, in its pure essence is the need for self-improvement and the ability to increase the limits of one’s abilities.

At Kung Fu Tea, we are convinced that our aim is to not only continually enhance our brand, beverages along with the daily lives of our patrons by serving only the finest premium flavors, as well as to inspire the community to think big and live their lives with confidence.

The company was founded at Queens, NY on April 30 2010 we’re the largest bubble tea company with more than 250 outlets across all of the U.S. Being one of the pioneers in the field of teas, we hold the highest standards of quality and consistency. Let’s face it. The art of making teas that look great isn’t that difficult. The trick is to make tea that tastes great and present it in a creative method. Created using the art of 3T Kung Fu, every cup of tea is freshly made at the ideal temperature with top quality tea leaves. Our beverages that we bring to the table are smoky inside and out, ideal for your taste buds as well as your Instagram stories.

What’s our goal? to revolutionize the market for drinks made-to-order using a fresh – innovative and Fearless approach. We want to be everywhere you go (not in an Joe Goldberg type of way).

On April 30 2018, 2018 (our 8th anniversary) we created National Bubble Tea Day to recognize the growing crowd of folks who drink and live by bubble tea, while also celebrating the drink that has brought us closer to our loved ones.


  • 30 Rice Rd Welland Ontario L3C 5Y6
  • 2460 Brock Rd, Pickering, L1V OJ1 Canada
  • 2827 Millwoods Road NW, Edmonton, AB, T6K 4A9

“Unrivaled quality, utmost attention to detail and unquestionable authenticity, that is the Kung Fu Tea culture.”

— Kung Fu Tea Founders (Michael, Ray, Allen, Sean)

Our Story

So, How Did Kung Fu Tea Become a Thing?

In 2009, three entrepreneurs Michael, Allen, and Ray were strolling through Flushing, Queens after returning from an excursion to Taiwan. They were looking for their favourite childhood drink bubble tea. After searching the area, they came across an establishment in the area that they ordered from and then began to discuss fresh ideas for business. In the middle of their conversation, the three of the trio immediately put their drink down and were confused — the drink was a poor knockoff , not the tea they had been accustomed to in Taiwan. When they saw the crowd of thirsty customers and were looking at each other, and this is the moment that Michael, Allen, and Ray realized their new venture.

Sean was extremely pleased with his own tea company in Taiwan when three of his friends made a phone call. They were aware that Sean was adept at making a great bubble tea. The hours passed by while Michael, Allen, and Ray tried to get Sean to accept this idea. although they were awed by the group’s enthusiasm and plan to share the bubble tea with everyone else, Sean had to weigh the potential risks. The days passed until Sean finally offered his pals a phone call however, they were ecstatic to hear Sean taking the deal at the other end of the phone. He was all set to be a part of the group.

“If we were to be successful , I wouldn’t be scared of starting over. I had to be FEARLESS!”


“We grew up drinking bubble tea, we know what AUTHENTIC flavor is.”


The Kung Fu Method

The discipline and the patience are the fundamental concepts that are the foundation of Kung Fu. From this point of reference in mind, we implemented the concept of the ‘3T’ method in Kung Fu: selecting the finest tea leaves, brewing the tea at the perfect temperature, then steeping it for the ideal duration.

We focused on the use of real tea leaves during our brewing method, and tested various ingredients, and played with many recipes until we had the authentic flavor -the one that prompted us to launch our brand.

It takes time, energy and patience However, we had to follow these fundamentals to reach the high standards we have promised since the beginning. After countless hours of testing and improvement, we inaugurated the first American Kung Fu Tea on April 30th 2010, located in Queens, NY.

“In order to offer top quality, we had to alter the method of making bubble tea. We needed to invent and this required the Kung Fu spirit.”


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