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Its impact on each zodiac sign due to Venus

October 3, 2022

Venus transit effects on each zodiac |horoscopes daily Venus has gone combust and what it means for the universe Venus Has Gone Combust And What It Means For The Universe And How It Will Effect Each Zodiac Sign-

Venus signifies pleasure, relationships, happiness, lifestyle, comfort, etc but it has gone combust due to close proximity with the royal planet Sun which means now that Venus is not in a position to give good results overall till November end 2022. What this Venus transit will bring for all the zodiac signs. This kind of Venus transit will remain in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio so all those whose signs is any of these will be affected maximum and they need to be careful but also those in whose chart Venus transits over the 1st house or over their natal Venus will also face some problems. Problems like health concerns, differences, and conflicts with their life partners, Venus also rules your glands, kidneys, urinary tract, hormones, and diabetes in medical astrology so health concerns related to all this may also be experienced.

Its impact on each zodiac sign due to Venus –

Effects on ARIES due to Venus transit-

Take care of your health and avoid conflicts with the opposite sex and with your life partners. You can face obstacles whenever guy will desire to experience some pleasure and happy moments.

Effects on TAURUS due to Venus transit-

Problems in relationships, stomach issues etc. Also problems to children or differences with them or their health may be a concern. Avoid conflicts with life partners too or their health can be a concern.

Effects on GEMINI due to Venus transit-

Problem to mother, vehicles related problems, decline in happiness. Relationship problems etc.

Effects on CANCER due to Venus transit-

Your efforts may not give desired results, obstacles in short or long travels too. Problems to younger siblings if any or differences with them

Effects on LEO due to Venus transit-

Family and financial atmosphere will be some what stressful, health concerns to some family members. Over all decline in happiness.

Effects on VIRGO due to Venus combust-

Obstacles in fulfilling your personal desires, family and financial stress. Obstacles in short journeys.

Effects on LIBRA due to Venus combust-

Medical expenses on a rise, take care of your health or health concerns to some other family members too. Over all losses of different kinds.

Effects on SCORPIO due to Venus combust-

Losses of different kinds, expenses too, differences with friends or older siblings if any.

Effects on SAGITTARIUS due to Venus transit-

Work related problems, differences with father and older siblings if any. Financial stress.

Effects on CAPRICORN due to Venus combust-

Problems in your profession, job. Health concerns to father or differences with him. Decline in name and recognition.

Effects on AQUARIUS due to Venus combust-

Your luck may not support you. Obstacles in long distance travels, differences with your guru, teacher or their health concerns.

Effects on PISCES due to Venus combust-

Avoid injuries but sudden unexpected events are also seen. Take care of your health. Mood swings and may feel mentally low.

What happens if Venus is combust?

It occurs whenever she’s within 8-10 degrees of the Sun. “Combust” means the planet Venus literally disappears—overwhelmed by the light of the Sun. Tribal cultures around the globe took this as a sign that the goddess Venus was on a journey in the underworld.

How long is Venus combust?

Venus, the planet of love and wealth, will enter the state of combustion on October 2, 2022. It will stay close to the Sun for the next 50 days, till November 20, 2022. The weakening of a planet due to combustion is a major event in Vedic astrology.

What if Venus is combust and retrograde?

They tend to remain lonely, assume that they are not loved by any and develop frustration. During transit Venus Retrograde periods, they find themselves restricted, slowed or tied down in love, financial and all materialistic affairs. Their idealistic views about family, love etc make them end up as failures in life.

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