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Important Things You Need to Be aware of Google Home Alarms

March 8, 2022

Google Home Alarms

Why do you need to grab your smartphone to set the alarm when you can make a command to Google Home or Google Nest to make one for you? Making alarms is among the most basic but effective capabilities of smart speakers as well as displays.

In contrast to your typical alarm clocks, these advanced devices can be more than an ordinary wake-up call. Let’s review the things you should learn to get the most from your Google Home alarms.

1. Setting Alarms

It’s fairly easy to set up an alarm using Google Home, but there are many options to customize it that are available. To ensure your safety you can set your alarm every single day before going to go to bed. If you find it to be a burden then you can create an alarm that is scheduled to be set to sound every on a weekday.

To set a timer, just repeat a variation of one of the following commands:

  • Hey Google Set an alarm at 6:45 p.m.
  • Okay Google Wake me up at 5 am tomorrow morning
  • Hey Google set an alarm for 45 minutes.

In the meantime, setting recurring alarms is as simple simply as saying “Hey Google, set an alarm for every day at [dateat [time].” In the event that you’ve already set an alarm at 7. a.m. alarm, and you want to have it repeat each weekday, simply ask, “OK Google, make the 7 a.m. alarm repeat each weekday.”

Another way to customize your alarms is to add the alarms with a name. This is especially useful in the event that you already have an array of alarms in place. Just tell them, “OK Google, create an alarm set for 10 p.m. that says ‘take out the garbage.'”

In the event that your alarm’s default sound isn’t appealing to your taste, you may modify the alarm sound to your preferred track or the character of your choice. For example, you could say, “Hey Google, set an alarm to Taylor Swift alarm for 10 a.m. today,” or “OK, Google make an alarm for Lego Friends.” Lego Friends alarm for 4:30 on a Saturday morning.”

When you successfully set your alarm Google Home will repeat the date and time of your alarm to verify that it’s correct.

2. Verifying Active Alarms

Did you forget to set an alarm for your early morning hike on the next day? If you have Google Home, you can quickly check which alarms you’ve already set. You have two options to view the alarms that are active on your smartphone by using voice commands or using Google Home. Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.

If you are checking your alarms using your voice when you check your alarms, say:

  • Hey Google What is my alarms?
  • Okay Google Show me your alarms
  • Hey Google What is the next time I’ll be able to set my alarm?

Google Home will then read your alarms to you. If you’re not at the Google Home device, you are able to check it using Google Home’s Google Home app. Start Google Home and then open the Google Home app. The home screen will appear, choose your device and click the gear icon in upper right. Go to the Audio tab, then Alarms and timers to view the current alarms that you’ve previously set.

3. Alarms Cancelling

You have set your alarms for every weekday and then school is out and you no longer require your alarms. Don’t worry, you can quickly cancel an alarm that is in use by using one of the voice-commands below:

  • Hey Google you can rescind your alarm at 7 a.m. alarm each weekday
  • OK Google, turn off the alarm that says [name].
  • Hey Google Please erase all alarms

You can also use the Google Home app to cancel alarms. Start your Google Home app and tap on your device’s home screen.

In the upper right corner in the top right you can click the Settings button (a tool icon) and then select the Audio tab. Then, select Alarms and timers. All active alarms will appear in this section. To remove an alarm, press the X icon next to it, after that, tap Delete. This will confirm.

4. The ability to stop a ringing Alarm

If an alarm from Google Home alarm goes off the alarm will ring every 10 minutes. If you don’t want awake your roommates with the irritating noise of an alarm you can switch off the alarm by asking “Stop.” You don’t requirement for the typical “Hey Google” signal.

The alarm that is ringing and not other alarms that you have set previously. Other commands to stop the alarm are:

  • Hey Google Stop the alarm
  • Okay Google you can turn off the alarm

You can also deactivate alarms that ring by with the Google Home device’s physical buttons. If you own the Google Nest Audio, Nest Mini or a Nest Wi-Fi router, simply tap the middle on the gadget to deactivate the alarm. Also, tap the top part of the Google Home or Home Max. If you have an Google Home Mini, turn off your alarm by pressing and holding the opposite one of its sides.

If you’re awake and would like to put an end to your alarm’s ringing in another room it is possible to do this via your smartphone as well. When your alarm begins to sound, you can open Google Home. Google Home app. Select your device , and then click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. Navigate to the Audio tab, then Alarms and timers Click on the cross icon beside the alarm that rings.

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