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At DAC-Payments, we’re dedicated to simplifying international money transfers for both businesses and individuals. With a mission to provide seamless, secure, and efficient financial solutions, we’ve become a trusted partner for clients worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. Founded with the vision to bridge global financial gaps, DAC-Payment has evolved into a reliable platform that connects people and businesses across borders. Our journey began with the aim to make international money transfers accessible and straightforward, and we continue to uphold this promise.

As a leading financial service provider, DAC-Payments specializes in offering cutting-edge solutions for international money transfers. We provide a secure and regulated platform that empowers our clients to seamlessly send and receive funds across borders. Our services encompass a wide range of international transactions, including remittances, currency exchange, and global payments. At DAC-Payments, we’re committed to simplifying financial operations for both individuals and businesses, making international money transfers efficient and hassle-free. Our offerings extend to a variety of currencies and financial instruments, ensuring that you can confidently manage your global financial needs.

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Our Commitment

Empowering Global Transactions, Securely and Swiftly

Money Transfer Process

At DAC-Payments, we’ve streamlined the money transfer process for your convenience. It all begins with a straightforward registration with us, ensuring your account is set up securely. Once you’re registered, you can effortlessly book your transactions, specifying the amount and destination. Our platform provides an intuitive interface for you to transfer money swiftly and with confidence. Your beneficiary will then receive the funds in a timely and efficient manner, completing the cycle of seamless international financial transactions. With DAC-Payments, international money transfer has never been easier.

Register With Us

Join our network and start moving money worldwide with ease. We simplify your global transactions.

Book Transaction

Whether you're a business or an individual, book your transaction with us, and we'll take care of the complexities.

Transfer Funds

Send us the funds for exchange, and we ensure your funds reach their destination efficiently and on time.

Beneficiary Receives

Beneficiaries experience a swift and efficient fund reception process, facilitated through our seamless and secure platform.

We offer payment transfer service to various businesses and individuals

Export and Import

Enhance cash flow and reduce the financial burden of importing/exporting goods. DAC-Payments provides competitive rates, facilitating smoother international trade operations.

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Migrant workers send money to their home countries to support family through international payments and remittance services.

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Tax Payments

Stay compliant with international tax obligations through DAC-Payments. We facilitate tax payments, helping businesses and individuals fulfill their responsibilities promptly.

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Education Abroad

Students studying in foreign countries or parents funding their education make international payments for tuition fees and living expenses.

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DAC-Payments simplifies cross-border investments, allowing individuals and businesses to diversify their portfolios with ease. We make international investment transactions secure and straightforward.

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Online Services and Subscriptions

Paying for online services, streaming subscriptions, or digital products from foreign providers requires international payments.

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