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6 Free and Fantastic Alternatives to the Official Reddit Website & App

March 12, 2022

6 Free Alternatives to Reddit Website & App

Do you use basic Reddit using the official site and apps? Look through the top Reddit web sites as well as apps and discover what you’re missing.

There’s nothing particularly negative about the official Reddit apps, however they’re severely lacking in capabilities. With the forum’s open nature, it’s not making sense to utilize these instead of the more advanced applications developed through third-party software developers. Test them and you’ll never want to ever want to go back to the boring old site.

1. Deck to Reddit (Web) Twitterdeck Like Columns to Reddit in the browsers

Reddit users who are power users will fall in over Deck for Reddit that lets you create multiple columns similar to Tweetdeck. There’s no limit to how many columns you could include, so you can go wild. Each subreddit has the own section. Click a post’s title to read the columns of the same column or open the post in a new tab.

You can sort columns according to Hot New, Top, or Hot and have various settings per subreddit. The Deck on Reddit also offers two kinds of view: Standard and Wide. The Wide view is ideal for video- or photo-centric subreddits.

Users who are signed-in have more choices. You can select between dark and light themes, and choose the size and font family that you prefer. You can also choose to hide NSFW (not suitable to work with) content, as well as remove posts you’ve already read.

The best part is that Deck to Reddit is lightning fast and is fast becoming your preferred Reddit client. However, it isn’t letting you search Reddit at the moment, which means it’s still not ready to fully replace the site yet.

2. Reddup (Web) Gorgeous Reddit Browser, particularly for photos

If Reddit decides to revamp their site, they may need to consult to the Reddup developers for assistance. This is a stunning web-based Reddit client, specifically for users who sign up to subreddits that are photo-based.

Reddup has several layout options, such as grid-like collages. If you are a member of subreddits like r/aww or r/EarthPorn which mostly focus on sharing photos the layout can be an ideal way to look through the subreddits.

In default, Reddup uses the dark mode that is ideal for photograph viewing, but it is possible to switch to light mode at any point. Reddup also has the Slideshow feature, which automatically cycles through all posts from the subreddit. It is possible to lean back and simply look.

In addition to these photo-centric capabilities, Reddup is a full-featured browser client. It lets you search Reddit and sign in, publish and add subreddits to sort posts (hot new, hot or gilded), top controversial) and even leave a comment. Click on any post to open the post in a pop-up box. This is an ideal method of browsing without losing track of where you are.

3. Reddit Top 10 Reddit Favorites (Web) Reddit’s Top Recommendations All in One Place

It’s not easy to trust the reviews of customers on Amazon due to the increase in false reviews. If multiple Redditors suggest the same product over several years and you can tell you’ve got the right product. Reddit Favorites gathers the top product recommendations of redditors all in one location.

The most common categories include books, electronics, VPNs, Android apps and YouTube, videos for sports and outdoors, clothes and home & kitchen and numerous other. Many of the categories have many sub-categories. You can further narrow down the selection of suggestions by using terms.

For every item, you’ll be able to find those with the highest popularity and recent reviews on the sites where it was featured. Reddit Favorites will also show how often it was recommended, as well as a year-by year graph of the popularity (in the majority of instances, but not always) and the number of average upvotes it receives. Based on these variables the site gives it an “popularity score” that acts as a system of ranking.

If you like Reddit Favorites, make sure to take a look at these other avenues to discover the best Reddit articles and suggestions.

4. updoot (Web) Browse and Search for Your Favorite Posts

Regular redditors save articles to revisit later for a recipe, a delicious recipe, funny GIF or an insightful comment. Like the unorganized bookmarks on the internet the saved posts become scattered over time. It’s simple to locate the saved link you’re seeking.

Connect your account to the internet and you’ll be able to view all the saved posts as the form of a grid collage. The most important feature is the super-fast fuzzy search. Enter a letter, and Updoot begins searching at a rapid pace It’s extremely quick and dynamically alters results. It also claims to recognize spelling mistakes, so you can locate documents that were saved even when the original poster did not use the correct spelling.

You can go to the menu to see the filtering options. You can filter on subreddits (which is great when trying to locate the recipe but don’t know the subreddit that it was posted on). It is also possible to select NSFW posts to obscure them or not display them at any time. If you locate the article you’re looking for, click it to open it in a brand new tab in the old Reddit.

5. infinity Reddit (Android) Reddit App for Android: No Cost Reddit Application with Auto-Scroll

Google Play Store Google Play Store plays host to a variety of Reddit applications, each with distinct features. In all cases, they make use of ads or require in-app purchases that unlock the best features. Infinity for Reddit is completely free and has no commitments to sign up.

It’s an elegant, contemporary Material-design Android application that creates Reddit stunning. You can choose between dark and night themes, switch the layout and experience an appealing reading and browsing interface. Infinity will never pester users with advertisements.

Furthermore, Infinity has a cool “Lazy Mode” to auto-scroll posts. When you start it, it will scroll through posts and change every three seconds, automatically scrolling like slideshows. Click on a post you like to open it up, then press back to start the slideshow. It may sound silly, however it’s actually an excellent leanback experience.

If you’re bored of the top Reddit apps available for Android soliciting cash or serving advertisements, Infinity is the app you need.

6. Apollo (iOS): The Newest app from Reddit for iPhones

Apollo is an amazing Reddit application for iPhones developed by an ex- Apple employee. It’s quick, fluid and follows iOS guidelines for design, which makes it appear effortless. Its highlights include:

  1. A great author: Writing Reddit posts or comments is now easier than ever before thanks to Apollo. You can include pictures, links, lists without having any prior understanding of Markdown.
  2. More positive comments Reddit can be described as a place for comments and Apollo improves that experience. It is possible to view inline previews of hyperlinks without leaving the comment, and make use of actions to save them, vote up and so on.
  3. wide media compatibility: Apollo’s Media Viewer is compatible with Imgur, Reddit, Gfycat, Imgflip, XKCD, Streamable, YouTube, Vimeo as well as other popular image hosting sites, which means you don’t have to start it from a new open tab, or even a new window.

Test it out and if you’re satisfied then you may want to purchase the premium version, which will remove advertisements and gain access to a few other options.

Learn Rediquette for a Better Reddit

Clients and apps are only one aspect in an overall Reddit experience. If you’re not a Reddit user, or “lurker” and all you require is an application. The site truly blossoms because of its community and you should consider becoming part of it. It’s not difficult to become an active redditor, particularly when you know what you should not practice with reddit etiquette, i.e. Reddit etiquette.

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